Workshops that truly create positive change for individuals and businesses.

Performance, happiness, success and productivity increased through awareness and understanding of triggers, stressors and mind..

Access a range of wellbeing workshops for your team, community group, client groups or staff. 

Why book a group workshop?

Decrease burnout and stress

Through awareness and increased knowledge learn how to recognise burnout and prevention techniques, stress management strategies and increase self awareness. 


ICreate well rounded programs and people

Wellbeing is seeing as a huge indicator for success and longevity.  Support your team cleitns, or program offerings with mindset coaching sessions to help your people thrive mentally in whatever they do. 

Build resilience and self management

When we have knowledge, support and techniques behind us we are equipped with practical and easy to apply tools to help understand and support ourselves for positive growth and wellbeing. 


These workshops aren’t just about ticking a ‘wellness box’, adding more to your to do list, or telling you to go to bed earlier.  

I support people in understanding themselves, their actions and their habits better – so they can create lasting change for themselves that boosts their mental health, happiness and wellbeing – and in turn their work productivity and outcomes.

These workshops deliver deep and meaningful concepts, backed by science and research in an engaging, tangible and relevant way.  

Workshops are interactive and involve practical tips, self-reflection and discussion time and can be tailored for your context. 

Workshops are ideal as a recurring package for maximum change, or are available as single sessions. Standard workshops are delivered via Zoom to your group and are 1hr duration. (other options available by discussion)

What are the workshops about?

Workshops are tailored to your specific needs and goals and can be fully customised.  

Here is a sample of some common workshop topics and inclusions – have a look at what your business might need to help you thrive today, or book a call to discuss the best options for you. 


  • understand stress and triggers and symptoms of stress
  • develop tools and strategies to manage day-to-day stress
  • tips to manage workload easier and reduce overwhelm
  • learn how to create balance and still be highly productive
  • communicate and set boundaries resourcefully
  • create killer to-do lists you actually will action
  • explore the signs and symptoms of prolonged stress and burnout
  • learn the links between stress and physical illness
  • tips and strategies to avoid and resolve burnout
  • learn your ideal ways of working for maximum results
  • strategies for working with more passion
  • boost productivity by getting in flow
  • learn how and why we create habits and patterns
  • understand the drivers behind your habits
  • learn tips and processes to break and change unwanted habits and behaviours long term
  • unlock thinking patterns to help move from blaming to taking action
  • become an agent for change in your life
  • take responsibility and problem solve easier
  • understand why we procrastinate
  •  learn the key mental shift to get out of procrastination mode
  • get simple action steps and tips to reduce procrastination 
  • learn about your mind and how it works so you ca n maximise performance and state
  • understand how we form beliefs, patterns and habits
  • learn about the power of connecting with your sub-conscious mind to feel better and stronger
  • learn about the mind filters that influence how we receive information
  • getting clear on intention to uplevel communication and outcomes
  • develop confidence to negotiate and communicate with clarity and understanding
  • flip the formula for achieving happiness and success
  • unlock your highest wants behind your goals
  • set goals that are right for you and you are excited to chase
  • learn about drama cycles of communication andexplore the roles you might play out commonly
  • learn how to move from drama to solution focused
  • tips for maximising office communication and collaboration
  • explore what being a good leader means to leaders and teams
  • unpack potential blocks or challenges to leading well
  • tips and strategies for effective communication
  • how to be a good leader for yourself and your team

Why work with me

Qualified Coach & Teacher

I am a qualified school teacher with over 12 years teaching experience and a certified coach in – positive psychology, Matrix Therapies, archetypal coaching, Neuro Lingustic Programming (Trainer) and more.

Lived Experience

I’ve experienced anxiety, workplace stress, overworking, fatigue, burnout, perfectionism, and overall poor wellbeing in both the workplace and beyond.  

And I’ve worked through and am now keen to share my learning and tips with you and your team.

This is my passion and expertise

You excel and are a master at what you do at work.  So what not focus your tie and energy there – and let me focus on wellbeing education and management.  It’s my passion and area of genius and wisdom, so lets lean into our strengths.