Staff Wellbeing Looked After By An Expert

Take the pressure off yourself of trying to manage wellbeing and staff productivity on your own, and outsource it to a specialist.  

We work together to create a program of support and growth that is right for your team, helps increase their productivity – and gives you time back to focus on business. 

Imagine if this program could help...

Decrease burnout, stress and absenteeism

Staff will learn how to recognise burnout and prevention techniques, stress management strategies and increase self awareness. 

Studies have shown investing in staff wellbeing training and education can reduce absenteeism by up to 41%.

Increase staff engagement and morale

Supporting staff as people, not just cogs in your business wheel, helps them to feel valued and supported and builds trust and loyalty. 

Studies also show that happy and thriving staff are up to 6 x more likely to feel engaged and reduces turnover by nearly 60%.

Builds staff resilience and self management

Staff are equipped with practical and easy to apply tools to help understand and support themselves for positive growth and wellbeing. 

Equipped with these tools helps increase staff focus, resilience to handle challenges, self-autonomy and can also help increase creativity. 

Get Well & Thrive wellbeing programs focus on getting clear on your teams’ current levels of work satisfaction and wellbeing, then taking a tailored approach to increasing wellbeing, productivity- and creating a thriving team AND business. 

The program focuses on education, support and accountability for positive change to help staff feel and operate their best, and to help your business run at its best.  

Staff who are more focused, satisfied and fulfilled in their work, more innovative and productive so they can achieve the best business outcomes for you. 

Get Well & Thrive Program Inclusions

Staff Wellbeing Audit

  • Current wellbeing levels are analysed at the start of the program and shape the focus on the program.
  • Staff wellbeing is reviewed again at the end of the program with further recommendations for your team moving forward.


Workshop Series –

  • a series of 6x 1.25hr workshops over 6 months on relevant themes (such as stress management, effective communication and burnout prevention) to give staff tips and strategies to improve their state and work
  • Workshops include goal setting and accountability and progress checks


1:1 Coaching –

  • Private, individual coaching hours are also available for staff who require further support setting goals, working through a challenge or navigating growth.


 Packages are virtual based, with sessions conducted via online. Site visits for audits may be available (transport fees apply outside of Brisbane region).

Why work with me

Qualified Coach & Teacher

I am a qualified school teacher with over 12 years teaching experience and a certified coach in – positive psychology, Matrix Therapies, archetypal coaching, Neuro Lingustic Programming (Trainer) and more.

Lived Experience

I’ve experienced anxiety, workplace stress, overworking, fatigue, burnout, perfectionism, and overall poor wellbeing in both the workplace and beyond.  

And I’ve worked through and am now keen to share my learning and tips with you and your team.

This is my passion and expertise

You excel and are a master at what you do at work.  So what not focus your tie and energy there – and let me focus on wellbeing education and management.  It’s my passion and area of genius and wisdom, so lets lean into our strengths.