A special opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into transformation and learning surrounded by nature, beauty, luxury indulenges and a learning community. 
Take a week to focus on you and your personal & professional development.  
Whilst you are fully taken care of. 

What is NLP + Matrix Therapies?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is about the study and understanding of the mind (neuro), communication (linguistic) and our beliefs, values, patterns and habits (programming).  
Through studying and replicating processes and patterns of excellence, NLP seeks to help people create life improvements through understanding + change at a sub-conscious mind level. 
NLP combines neuroscience, psychology, heart and mind to faciliate rapid, lasting and impactful transformations in feelings, communication, bleiefs, habits and patterns. 

Matrix Therapies, developed as an extension of NLP Time Line Therapires by Australian trainer Pip McKay, uses powerful and deep processes to heal past traumas and wounds at a subconscious level AND rewire the mind to resoelve the impact of these on one’s life in the present and future.  
It is a powerful modality which is only taught by a select group of NLP Trainers who have studied trough Pip directly.

Retreat Inclusions and Information

  • 6 nights accommodation in luxury homestead at Witta, Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks for duration of the retreat (excludes day 1 breakfast, day 7 dinner) (Freshly prepared and catering to dietary needs)
  • 7 days live in person training
  • Training manuals  with ready to use scripts 
  • Support Materials
  •  2x 1hr follow up group Q&A sessions (times TBA)
  • Certifications as NLP Practitioner + Matrix Therapies Practitioner  
  • Bonus suprise treats and delights
  • Small group training – maximux 6 participants

Pricing and Accomodation Options

$5550AUD total (Early bird rate)
Payment plan option: 10x $555 per month 


$5300AUD total (Early bird rate)
Payment plan option: 10x $530 per month 


$5200AUD total (Early bird rate)
Payment plan option: 10x $520 per month 

Your retreat facilitator and trainer....

Participate in truly transformational personal development processes, and learn NLP and Matrix Therapies coaching modalities with Shereen Lister.  

Shereen is a highly qualified and supportive trainer with over 15 years experience teaching and educating.  In her time as a coach and trainer Shereen has supported hundreds of personal transformations and the learning and growth of many coaches.

Benefits and Outcomes of this Course

NLP is an Australian and Internationally Recognised coaching modality.  At Recast Coaching, your NLP trainer Shereen is an accreditated trainer and this course meets NLP Global Body guidelines for Practitioner courses – so you can leave with confidence in techniques and certifications to coach in NLP & Matrix Therapies modalities. 

You will also leave with personal growth and transformation – at a deep level.  Clear limiting beliefs, sabotaging blocks, unwanted habits and understand your mind, language, values and beliefs more greatly.

NLP is also about understanding language and the mind to master effective communication – leave with a toolbag of language and communication techniques to help with relationships, sales, buisness negotations, client work, leadership and more. 

Coaches also walk away with hands on coaching experience in the training and ready-to-use processes and scripts for your private 1:1 practice.

Matrix Therapies is an powerful tool of transformation, that combines concepts of neuroscience, psychology, heart and mind.  

Through using Matrix Therapies technquies we can resolve and move forward from limiting blocks, stuck patterns of self-sabotage, negative states and past traumas. 

In this course you will experience these processes first hand for yourself to craete magical, impactful positive change in your life.  AND you will gain experience using these processes as a coach yourself, and walk away with ready to use scripts for your own practice if relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

NLP is an internationally recognised body of work established over 40 years ago.  Although life coaching is an non-regulated industry, NLP is one of the most widley recognised coaching modalities and is highly regarded in the field. 

NLP and coaching are not regulated industries, however numerous official industry bodies exist including NLPAA (NLP Association of Australia) and IICT. This training in terms of trainer qualifications, duration and content meets minimum requirements set by set by Global NLP body to allow students certification to be recognised by industry bodies.  
Your trainer, Shereen, is also  recognised and qualified NLP and Matrix Therapies Practitioner Trainer (with NLPAA and IICT), as well as holding a Bachelor of Education from QUT. 

There is SOO much to NLP and Matrix Therapies, that in this time we barely cover the basics!

48-50 hours of live training is also the recommended training duration for Practitioner certification to be recognised by the industry bodies. We have translated this into equivalent online hours in smaller session chunks to give you time to give you time to digest, process and practice techqniues.

Absolutely! You will learn processes that you can start using with clients as soon as you complete training. 

Both NLP and Matrix Therapies relate to everyday and universal concepts such as – relationships, communication, beliefs, emotions and habits. 

To be certified as a NLP & Matrix Therapies Practitioner you are required to complete all the training live, to receive your certification.  If you can not attend scheduled sessions live there are on occasion short ‘makeup’ sessions offered.  If these are not satisfactory, or not offered for your round, you will need to make up any missed content and hours in a future round of the training with Recast Coaching. 

If you wish to just learn about some aspects of NLP consider booking an educational training or workshop with us. 

You will learn processes that you can start using with clients as soon as you complete training.  You will also receive practice during the training in all processes – as both client and coach- and will receive copies of process scripts in your training manual that you can use with these processes outside of the training room.

Absolutely! Book a free 30 min chat with Shereen to ask any other questions you may have and to discuss if NLP is the right option for you.

Email Shereen at shereen@recastcoaching.com.au to advise of your interest and we’ll be sure to add you to a waitlist for information when the next training round is on sale.  Training courses at this stage run approximately twice a year online.