Wake up, push through anxiety, go to work exhausted, push through, work hard to impress collagues and clients, work late to keep up, leave deflated and overworked, go home and crash on the couch.  Eat, sleep, repeat. 

This was how my days looked as an overworked, overstressed and struggling employee.   I had loved my job until over time the stress, pressure to perform, unrealistic deadlines and an internal desire to appear as if i had my sh** together took over. 

I was over run with anxiety, stress, and disease.  I was burnt out and increasingly disillusioned as I missed the joy I once found in my work.  I kept working harder and harder in an effort to keep up, tackle increasing to do lists and appear as if “all was fine”. 

I started to snap back at requests from colleagues. 

My skills and creative flare for the job dwindled.  

I was a highly strung, stressed out, short tempered colleague to be around – adding to the palapble stress in the room.

I was bringing me and those around me down.  And whilst it may not have apppeared it from the outside, I knew I wasn’t perfomring as well in my job. 

I was struggling and it was in little ways affecting my effort, focus and how I showed up in my work.  I lacked the spark, drive and creativity I once had when I was fresh and thriving.  

I felt wrong for feeling stressed and not enjoying a job I had once chased.  And I felt I alone.  I thought there was something wrong with me. 

But there wasn’t. I was overworked, burnt out and expecting way too much of myself – plus I wasn’t getting good enough support for my wellbeing from my company. 

Slowly, over time though I got some support for myself, I managed to slow down a little and I started to see I could do things differently. 

I reconnected with my passions – in and beyond work, I started to set boundaries and limits rather than seeking to please everyone and I found myself in an enviornment that supported more honesty about my wellbeing which afforded me time to de-stress and communicate, and work better. 

This, combined with my personal development studies of the subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, self sabotage and understanding emotions I was able to transform my relationship to work, stress and myself – and grow my wellbeing and my life to be one with more joy, balance, health and happiness. 

I now share from my experience to help educate and support others to improve their wellbeing, mindset, stress management and resilience.

Why work with me

Qualified Coach & Teacher

I am a qualified school teacher with over 12 years teaching experience and a certified coach in – positive psychology, Matrix Therapies, archetypal coaching, Neuro Lingustic Programming (Trainer) and more.

Lived Experience

I’ve experienced anxiety, workplace stress, overworking, fatigue, burnout, perfectionism, and overall poor wellbeing in both the workplace and beyond.  

And I’ve worked through it and am now keen to share my learning and tips with you and your team.

This is my passion and expertise

You excel and are a master at what you do at work.  So what not focus your time and energy there – and let me focus on wellbeing education and management.  It’s my passion and area of genius and wisdom, so lets lean into our strengths.