Are you ready to transform your life? And create positive ripples of change?

Learn how your mind truly works and stop playing a guessing game with yourself. 

Gain tools to remove limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative influences from your life. 
Become equipped to design your life, values, habits and beliefs to serve you.  

And create rapid, lasting change with your mind. 

This is your time to transform and RECAST the direction of your life. 

Personal Development & Learning

Workshops, training courses and 1:1 coaching sessions are all available to support you to learn more about your mind, current blocks and challenges so that you can TRANSFORM your blcoks and hurdles and live life with more ease, alignment and peace. 

Improved Communication, Negotiating & Presenting

Through training programs based in neuro-science and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) learn what is behind our communication to improve all your interactions and relationships. Gain greater understanding about how your communication is received by others, plus the power of language.  Learn powerful win-win negotiation skills and how to create engaging presentations, sales pitches and meaning conversations in any sort of relationship. 

Coaching Skills and Certification

Participate in NLP + Matrix Therapies Certification Training courses to gain personal transformations PLUS coaching skills and processes to use with your own clients. 
Graduates of this training leave as a certified NLP Practitioner and Matrix Therapies Practitioner (2 internationally recognised coaching modalities) PLUS equipped with hands-on coaching experience and process scripts ready-to-use. 

Hey! I’m Shereen….. 

I am a former school teacher and coaching trainer.  

Whilst I no longer work formally in a classroom I love educating and training; and I am passionate about helping people to understand more about how our mind works and ways to feel happier, healthier and more balanced in their lives and work.  

In my years as a teacher, I battled anxiety, stress, burnout and illness – until I became overworked, wrung out and disillusioned with a job I used to love and excel at.  

I learnt the long and hard way on my own how to reduce stress and burnout, and manage my mental state better.  As a result, my passion and mission now is to help empower others to look after their own wellbeing (before they get where I did) and to educate and help people with stress and burnout management.  

In addition to being an inner work coach in various modalities including NLP, Matrix Therapies, Archetypal coaching, and Positive Psychology I am also trained as an NLP and Matrix Therapies trainer – licensed to teach and certify practitioners of these coahcing modalities.

Outside of work I’m also a gin drinking, jigsaw puzzling, dog lover who seems to be endlessly renovating my home south of Brisbane, Queensland.

Are you keen to learn more about me and how I can help you through lived experience – click below to read more. 

What Others Say...

Since I have worked with Shereen several areas of my life have changed and are moving forward that were not before. I feel like I have more clarity even when I didn’t work on (a particular) area because I don’t feel something is missing anymore.  Shereen was able to help me understand stuff about myself that was like ‘aha moments’ for me and has changed my thinking.   


Property Investor

Shereen is an insightful coach with a wonderful ability to connect and gently guide me with love and infinite wisdom.  She always makes me feel safe and secure so I can be vulnerable and dive into my inner world and work with my subconscious mind with confidence.  I have found her sessions so valuable in moving forward with parts of my life where I was feeling stuck. 



It was very good, I could see the improvement and would definitely recommend.  I have strategies to manage my procrastination and study … and have some coping strategies for my stress.


University Student

Incredible Shereen, such an amazing story and presentation.  Thank you for reminding us of how important it is to check in with our subconscious mind. 


Summit for Coaching attendee

This has been one of the most engaging training/personal development sessions I have ever participated in.  Fantastic, raw and authentic!


Summit for Coaching attendee

That was more than good!
I knew they would love you but you blew them away! Everyone loved the session.  Thanks so much.


Workshop attendee